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About us

Appsolute Mobile is a creative team of engineers with twenty years of experience in providing IT services and solutions on the Croatian and regional markets. A team of experienced professionals will create high quality, creative and innovative technology solutions within the agreed time frame.


O nama

Our values

MISSION: Implement and create IT solutions based on creative ideas and innovative technologies to improve people's quality of life and improve operational excellence for companies through a long-term high customer satisfaction.

VISION: An internationally recognized company in a specialized industrial niche with a network of satisfied customers and partners.


Augmented and virtual reality applications

The applications and benefits of expanded and imaginative technology are found in many segments of society, our activities and over time will become an indispensable part of everyday life as today's people use radio, TV, Internet, smart or ordinary phones, read newspapers or printed books.
In a similar way, virtual and virtual reality technology will make it easier and more timely to receive the desired information to the user. What this information will be and how it will be presented will depend on the user's choice and the performance of the service provider.
There are already huge amounts of data (on the Internet or in the repositories of various institution databases) that can be linked to visual images and presented to users through several different media (such as smartphones, etc.) for various applications and activities of human activity.
We recognize several human activities and segments of action as mature to apply technology of expanded reality:



By applying an expanded reality application in museums, galleries, tourism, ZOO or botanical gardens, you will fully enhance the quality of the exhibition and the visitor experience.



Adjust promotional and sales channels younger and high population. Strengthen market position, increase sales and brand recognition using augmented reality applications applied in marketing. Step out ahead of the competition and closer and differentiate their own products by applying cutting-edge technology.



Approach the students by making learning process playful, associative and interesting. Increase interactivity in learning. Extend students' attention intervals during lectures, increase your learning pleasure, and thus increase your overall success and student-to-student relationship and material.

Prostorne Vizualizacije


Give the customer the most realistic representation of possible implementation of future space (interior or exterior) to actual or destination location or in the studio. Visualize the model or display the "real model" facility app augmented reality on smartphones, tablets or using glasses for extended or apparent reality.



Increase the efficiency of production and (operational) service and user business processes using augmented reality technology. Ensure efficient work of professionals while maintaining plants and facilities. Release workers from the paper work, enable swifter and easier access to information and a free hand while looking at the scheme of objects while performing service.



Augmented reality application is an excellent tool for the empowerment of outdoor or indoor events.
Whether it was promotion of products, movies, books, opening a new show, celebration of a special day, opening a new institution, or some other important event by applying an augmented reality, your event will impress visitors and it will create strong positive impressions.


Examples of applications we can make for you


History of aviation

Application ARdemo1 Demonstrates the application of expanded reality in the technical museum with the theme: „history of aviation“.



Application ARdemo2 demonstrate the application of augmented reality in the historical or archaeological museum with the theme: "evolution".


Playing with a puppy

Application ARdemo3 demonstrate the application of augmented reality ideally on the big screen with the theme: „playing with a puppy“.


"HMD" device usage

Application ARdemoHMD Demonstrates the use of glasses for expanded reality(HMD - "Head Mounted Device")“.



Application ARdemo4 Demonstrates the application of expanded reality in marketing.


AR Sites

Application AR Sites Is the most widely used massive application of expanded reality in open and closed areas with support web portal as a data repository in the cloud.


Customize multimedia content for your business needs

Depending on the application, the system can be based on several different devices:

User applications are created on Android platforms, and servers in PHP, JS, and HTML5 technologies.
Data provided by user application benefits can be stored within the application statically or can be downloaded from the Web and dynamic (directly from the Internet or via web services with custom web portals).


The capabilities of applying extended and virtual reality applications are numerous.
We have implemented the important functionalities we hold to be needed for this kind of application.
Contact us and through the workshop with you we will arrange the customization of the functionality and design of the application to your needs.

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